Company overview

Japan high quality to the world

The real stuff (High quality) is a common world standard even if Our language or culture is totally different by country.
The Japanese technologies were generated under the small country with high competitive circumstances.
It is fused by both the hard technologies (the most advanced designing,high techniques by superior engineers and quality inspection capacity.) and the soft ones ( environment, tradition and tenacity.)
We will make a great contribution to the world being a linking bridge with overseas countries with our concept of `produce by Japan` supporting unknown medium or small sized Japanese companies with unrealized high technologies.
Our strength has an in-house production system from start(Design) ~to finish(construction~ engineering).
In order to provide the high quality of the product, our engineers on the spot know everything so that we could get right feedbacks from them In order to provide the high quality of the product, our engineers on the spot know everything so that we could get right feedbacks from them and synchronize our harmony between design and construction reflecting their voices back into our design arrangement.
As a result, it could lead to completion in our company. We could develop our technologies accumulated for the past 40 years from comercial building construction to renovation or restoration of broken (defective).
This technology makes a great contribution to avoid slum buildings with our life prolongation of stock buildings.

Re.......〜Regeneration for the future〜

We live in with lots of blessings of nature.
As the population is growing up together with industrial development, we keep on consuming lots of natural resources.
However, some of them might be used up in several decades, or be produced in particular areas of the world only.
Moreover, industrial developments have led to our convenient living conditions, but they might also affect the body or environment wrongly.
It is also told that the natural world might not accept destroying the ecosystem saying that we have health hazard from big changes of temperature between indoor and outdoor, electromagnetic waves, automobile exhaust gas, energies, foodstuffs influenced even to animals as well as human beings.
We think that incoming generation of energies might build up our future utilizing sun power, wind, sea wave to the maximum.We understand that we coexist resources with the future together, transforming our existing mindsets, usage and propositions and reducing time and cost with creativity and originality.
We are advocating the coexistence method between nature and future, indicating that we produce valuable plans, human resources and products for culture living in the country, human feelings and health with a key word of Re against the question that I wish I could have that one.

Our company history

ー First term ー
1) Founded as a coater
2) Start repair, coating and waterproofing of reinforced concrete buildings
3) Large repair of buildings or apartment building with much experiences
ー Second term ー
4) Certified ISO9001
5) Opened Class-1 certified architect office
6) Environmental businessman award
ー Third term ー
7) Certified ISO14001
8) Technology transfer by craftsmen, resolution of shortage of craftsmen,
Improvement of QOC, founded Toru koubou Corporation Ltd.
9) Became an official sponsor of URAWA-Reds, JWFC
Donation of the athlete shower room with design & construction
not to cool their bodies
10) Floor heating developed (footbaths were referred)
As we know that people in the Middle East deeply suffer from their
healthy damage of cold constitution from the big difference of
temperature between indoor and outdoor.
11) International IPapplied
Patent pending
( Application No.2016-202431 Japanese patent application)
12) Opend Sun Warm General Trading LLC
as the sales representative for sales of foot heating

Overviews of core business

1)Large-scale buildings/apartment building repair management
( scaffolding/interior finishing/exterior coating/ concrete repair/ceiling Waterproof/electricity/ equipment work)
[Description of business] Japan originated business with many earthquakes [construction results]
More than 1,000 buildings in large-scale buildings and apartment building repair management
No.1 in Saitama in that field

2)Design consulting business
(buildings/apartment building medium term repair plan managment, Construction management)

【Associated companies of Taiyo Corporation】
SUN WARM General Trading L.L.C
Sales floor heating
Patent pending ( Application No.2016-202431 Japanese patent application)

【100% subsidiaries】
Toru koubou corporation limited.
Manufacturing of foot heating with development of construction craftsmen, Hiring of craftsmen etc ※Training center available

Company overview

Company name

Taiyo Co., Ltd.


■Head office : 2-3-5,suji, Minami-ku, Saitama-city,Saitama prefecture 336-0026
TEL : +81-48-863-8948 / FAX : +81-48-864-4686
■Tokyo office : Nissei-Oji Bldg. 5F, 2-30-3 Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-0002 Japan
TEL : +81-3-6903-0801 / FAX : +81-3-6903-0701


JPY 100,000,000


Yukuko Abe, President and representative director

Specialist engineers

First-class Architect :4
*the highest qualification of architect in Japan
First-Class building operation and management engineer :14
*the highest qualification of Building operation and management in Japan
Second-class Architect :4
Second-Class building operation and management engineer :10
Condominium certified management :2
Registered real-estate broker :3
First-Class painting certified technician, Technical supervisor,Electrical engineer

Annual revenue

JPY 3,100,000,000 in 2016

Description of business

Comercial building renovation, design and construction
Consulting business to comercial building renovation,
maintenance and conservation
Comercial building inspection, diagnosis, medium term repair planning Plumbing system repair construction ,
security system construction Evaluation of seismic diagnosis system and construction,
barrier-free repair construction


Certified ISO 9001 , Certified ISO 14001
Architecture of apartment building& comercial building renewal design and construction
Japan Housing Organization Q・B・C Member
Japan Building Owners and Managers Association
Saitama Building Owners & Managers Association.
Renewal Technology Development Committee.
●special construction license (toku-23)dai 15647 gou
●Senior registered architec (1)dai 10686 gou